Nissan has released the first official images of its flagship mini van, the Nissan Quest that will be displayed the first time in carpet New York Auto Show, November this year.

Her presence will, it could be a mini van would make the segment more competitive, because the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey MPV would pledge his new competitor's arrival.

As quoted by the official release of the Nissan, Thursday (08/07/2010) Nissan Quest has dimensions are boxy but still elegant, not like the Nissan Serena still looks stiff.

Asymmetric shape

In addition to the standard model that has been produced, in Geneva will also be displayed NV200 Bevel Concept. Nissan Bevel (NB) as a vehicle of this dynamic, versatile, and prepared to support activities. Unlike most SUVs or minivans that more priority to passenger and comfort, NB precisely target the users-especially men-with a variety of interests, namely, to hobbies, recreation, community or helping others.

Anyway, NB specifically targeted at those aged between 45 and 60 who are known to have very high personal attraction. At that age, they do not need the heavy work with a pickup or need a spacious car with many passengers. Instead they want to drive myself, could for purposes of work or run a hobby on the road with cars look nice and comfortable when driving. All of these conditions exist in NB.

Recognized by Nissan Design America, Inc. (NDA) in La Jolla, California, who designed the NB, that the result of collaboration with Nissan's product planning group in the U.S. shows it is an exploration NB Concept SUVs future that is far from plagiarism.

In terms of dimensions, NB wheelbase is longer than the Nissan Murano, but still shorter than the Nissan Quest. For the exterior, the attraction is not just on the roof mounted solar panels.Design the right side door (the driver) is longer than the left because only one door, while the left side there are two doors, which is front and center, which opened in sliding.

Interestingly, look at the four wheels that uses a lightweight alloy wheels measure 20 inches. Bar design that stands out is protected by Michelin. On the side is made salient in line with the wheel so that, when cornering, the bulge at the rim is not exposed to asphalt.

To the rear door without glass as they are made model cargo, the opening using the remote like a plane. As a driving force, which relied on 12 volt power source, by a team Bevel, obtained from the solar cell.

"So the exterior is designed with maximum functionality, such as spotlights above and the use of solar panels on the roof and use the door handle as little as possible," said Bruce Campbell, vice president of NDA Design.

Three-zone interior

Peered into the interior, NB combines comfort, utility, and technologies that are grouped into three zones. For the first-called comfort zone around the driver's space. Comfort achieved with genuine leather wrapped seats. So that the driver really feel comfortable when berkendaran, the instrument was made as little as possible. So, the driver simply stepping on the gas pedal, brake, and steering play.

Therefore, the automatic transmission system and is equipped with Xtronix CVT (continuously variable transmission) that is placed on the center console button that hangs on the dashboard. Then, both drivers and passengers could relax because roomy enough leg room.

The second zone is called technology zone. Here the driver is connected with the outside world, the instrument panel is all digital, there is an LCD monitor that is placed on the dashboard that informs the condition of vehicles, navigation, radio, and tape.

Others, no telephone access, weather and traffic information, the Internet and e-mail. For music, available ranging from radio, MP3 player, up to a CD, the following speakers.

Remarkably, from the control room (in the middle), the driver can access to the house to monitor the security system, check to see air conditioning, house lights, and garage doors.

Last zone, utility. For given a seat passenger seat of the aluminum framework, including chairs in the living room. Then, in the back seat using the same material as the wall or floor cargo space.

For the living room can be formed for various purposes. Here, the NDA display space in the following workspace monitoring equipment, also made a place for transporting various equipment working or hobby purposes.

Nuanced chrome grille, plus a curved eye on the main lights are sharp, making the Nissan Quest more dynamic view but still elegant.

In addition, the pillars that surround the window body wrapped almost three-quarters of the rear body of this latest generation Nissan Quest.

Nissan plans to begin marketing the latest generation of the Nissan Quest was started in 2011 early next year.


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