SPESIFIKASI Audi Q5 | Produksi Di India

SPESIFIKASI Audi Q5 | Produksi Di India

German manufacturer Audi has ensured the intention to produce a secondary model Audi Q5 SUV in India. A total of 1,500 units will start production Q5.

Q5 units will be manufactured at the Volkswagen Group's Aurangabad plant, with production targets for all Audi models in India as many as 6000 units in 2015.

"Audi will invest some 7.3 billion Euros (approximately more than Rp98, 7 Trillion) until 2012," writes the site.

As many as 80 percent of this investment, the plan will be used for the presence of new products that carry the Audi future technology.

Unmitigated, Audi announced there will be many new models until 2015. If the current new Audi has 34 models, there will be 42 models.

Attendance Q5 SUV that will accompany his brother the Audi A4 and A5 are first produced in India.

"Production of Q5 is part of our long-term growth strategy in India," said Frank Dreves, Audi board member for Production.

He added that the Indian market is currently listed as one of the fastest growing automotive markets in the world. Therefore, further Dreves, Audi Q5 is present in the country at the right time.

SUV will be manufactured at Aurangabad plant located in the state of Maharashtra. Audi set a target of annual production at the plant had reached 1,500 units.

Production Audi Q5, A4, and A5 in 2010 was estimated at 2,400 units or more than tripled compared to last year's production. Audi began to produce its products directly in India September 2007.

During this time, the number of production cars bearing the four rings linked to each other was no more than 2,000 units per year. However, this manufacturer determine that the target, coming in 2016 total production had reached 6,000 units.

This investment is also intended for the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. One of them is going to appear in the Audi Q5 hybrid.

In addition, several new products Audi which will be launched this year include the A1, A7, A8, and R8 Spyder. While the new hybrid Q5 comes the end of 2010.

In addition to Q5, Audi also sells Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi TT and Audi also R8, where in 2009 then, Audi managed to record sales figures of 2400 units.

"Production of Q5 is part of our long-term growth strategy in India," says Audi Board Member for Production Frank Dreves, as reported by Autocar, Monday (07/12/2010).

In addition, optimism was also felt Dreves against future Indian market, which is judged will grow very rapidly, and Q5 is considered present at the right time.


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