SPESIFIKASI Honda Odyssey | Fitur Manjakan Penumpang

SPESIFIKASI Honda Odyssey | Fitur Manjakan Penumpang

Speaking of the family car, just do not seem to have a passenger capacity of the lot. For convenience, a few touches need to be given so that no single family member who protest or complain during the trip.

That perhaps is trying to offer PT Honda Prospect Motor's latest model cars at the All New Odyssey family. New look, its features are increasingly pampering.

Yes, that's the impression that detikOto catch a glimpse of a chance when testing the Honda family car in the premium segment.


4 cylinder inline, DOHC 16 valve
2354 cc
i-VTEC + dBW + Torque Boost Resonator
5-speed automatic
Power maximum
180 PS at 6000 RPM
Peak torque
22.2 kgm at 4500 RPM
USD 536 million On The Road

New design was not sefuturistik previous model, but the feel of an elegant've seen since the latest from the outside in view of this Odyssey.

Starting from the design of the taillights, then leads to the front to the grille design that looks quite 'robotic' but does not eliminate the impression of elegance when seen.

Entry into the cabin, roomy enough space to make the eye is not cramped, although bertingkatnya dashboard design that also looks futuristic, not to make the room cramped cabin so impressed.

Various indicators and instrument panel are available there, ranging from the speedometer, fuel indicator, the approximate distance traveled, temperature, audio until the cooling of the cabin.

And guaranteed, the Odyssey can make passengers feel pampered. Because cabin air can be divided separately, starting from the right-left and front-rear.

In addition, Double DIN audio with 1.6-inch LCD monitor touch screen, large enough to watch DVDs, or just listen to songs through the USB port and i-Pod.

Sitting in the driver's seat, 8 way adjustable seating position electrically. Not to mention the skin layer and the ergonomic design of the driver's seat backs hugging fit.

And future outlook of the field, the easier by the tilt and telescopic
steering which enables a high or low position of the steering wheel set according to the shape of her body.

Now, just tested the capacity of engine performance 2.4-liter i-Vtec with Torque Boost technology Resonator stored beneath the hood of this All New Odyssey.

Gentle acceleration initially, although tends to weight. However, a car drove by quickly, so that when on the freeway, the rate of 120 km per hour on the speedometer can be achieved by less than 10 seconds.

So also when it comes to devouring a long climb on the route toll traffic
Cipularang, automatic transmission can intelligently manage and store energy, so that the Odyssey is not to be struggling.

And as a family car, the All New Odyssey could make passengers slept soundly, because the concrete path along the bumpy path Cipularang, could very well muted.

Only, for maneuvering in a crowded lane, was a little difficult, because the Odyssey has a dimension which is long and narrow turning radius.

However, do not worry when I have parked in a narrow place and had to retreat. Because the rear parking camera is very easy when it comes to parking, with the real circumstances behind the car view.

Any safety matters could be entrusted to feature Motion Adaptive EPS plus VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), works to prevent oversteer and understeer symptoms with the help of ABS, EBD, BA as well as traction control that is integrated with the EPS.

However, of all these advantages, passenger comfort can be a little disturbed, because the cabin space Odyssey do not seem one hundred percent quiet, especially when not listening to the audio.

Because at high speeds above 140 km per hour, from the direction of the rear cabin, the sound of wind that felt quite annoying hearing the driver and passengers.

detikOto like the look and features of this Odyssey is a very spoiled, however, correction needs to be done PT Honda Prospect Motor of wind noise lea


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