SPESIFIKASI Camaro Bumblebee | Setir Kanan

SPESIFIKASI Camaro Bumblebee | Setir Kanan

after a time back and forth, the wait is finally over. One of the original muscle car country, Uncle Sam the most famous in the movie Transformers as the Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee would have his right wheel version.

That means, this car could have gone to Southeast Asia including Indonesia.

General Motors turns out that the producers have big plans on the car's most coveted in the U.S.. If all this is only available car steering wheel left, but soon the Camaro will be available right wheel.

According to the site quoted Paultan detikOto, Wednesday (07/07/2010) Camaro 'Bumblebee' right wheel will be produced in England next year, which was then the car will be marketed to the automotive market in Southeast Asia.

A right wheel of the Camaro version of Bumblebee was complete with decorations
shown in the eyes of British society. Chevy Camaro itself had appear in Indonesia some time ago.

The car carrying capacity of 6200 cc V8 engine which can give off power 426 hp with maximum torque of 560 Nm.

Unfortunately, there is no clarity of how much engine capacity will be prepared for the Camaro version of GM's right wheel. Because Camaro 3.600 cc power capable of giving birth up to 300 hp with maximum torque of 273 lb.-ft is also rumored to be ready version was produced in England for the right wheel.

And enthusiasts of the Chevrolet Camaro in Indonesia are also quite a lot. According to data of the Chevrolet car manufacturers in Indonesia, namely PT GM AutoWorld Indonesia, when Bumblebee comes to Indonesia, about 8 people interested woo Camaro.

"Discourse to Right Hand Drive (RHD / right steering wheel) is strong, and we even had time to square off to market in Indonesia. Looking at the response last year when the Camaro over here, nearly eight people and a serious intention to buy," says PR and Corporate Communications Manager of PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) Kiki Dawn.

How much is it if the car is muscled into Indonesia? Just prepare your pocket, because the Camaro with the highest specification of the price can be USD 1 billion.

Mmm, would General Motors in the Indonesian market the product? Just wait for further news.


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