SPESIFIKASI Nissan | Pesaing Mercedes CLC

SPESIFIKASI Nissan | Pesaing Mercedes CLC

Nissan reportedly will build a two-door coupe, sedan type. Cars Infiniti concept car built from Essence was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment Infiniti brand. This car is also going head to head with the Mercedes CLC.

Cope car will carry the sporty design to satisfy the speed-lovers. Dashing impression will also try brought the company.

According to the plan, the Nissan is quoted from topspeed, Wednesday (07/07/2010) will immerse Twin engine turbocharged version of the engine capacity of 3700 cc Vq V-6 that uses direct-injection system. Infiniti Essence uses front wheel motion.

Capacity of 3700 cc engine is capable of generating power at 434 hp. And also will Peg listirk machine. While the electric machine capable of producing 158 hp. Overall Essence Infiniti car engine capable of generating power at 592 horsepower.

The car is ever on show at leading automotive event in 2009 Geneva Motor Show, with a silver Baluran. Unfortunately, Nissan only plans to sell cars that future for the European car market.

Factory Modifications
"Consumers are definitely mobi. They want environmentally friendly cars and of course fun. We have become pioneers in the timeliness of sending cars, reliability, all in accordance with customer expectations. Nissan innovative LEAF will radically change the consumer expectations around the world cars, "continued Ghosn.

In Oppama, also produced gasoline-engine cars like the Juke and Cube. Special LEAF, the assembly line must modificted. To the point of installation of the battery module, for example, before a place to install the gas tank. As for installing an electric motor and inverter, is the point of installation of machinery.

The electric motor itself to take power from lithium-ion battery. According to Nissan, the hybrid used by the fugue can be used while driving in high speed, unlike other hybrids that use electric mode only at low speeds.

Fugue can run in electric mode at speeds over 100 km / h. This large capacity car also economical in fuel consumption, because it requires only 5.2 liters for a distance of 100 km.

Having been made to be a luxury car, this vehicle is also equipped with all the requirements of the necessary technology and gadgets in its class.

For safety sector, advanced car safety features such as Intelligent Control Assist, Intelligent Cruise Control, forward collision warning, Intelligent Brake Assist / emergency brake operated automatically after a crash, and Vehicle Dynamic Control.

In the interior, there is an aura of VIP in the presence of rear seats that can be laid, built-in control switch in the center rear armrest, and the curtains are electrically operated at the rear

He further, lithium-ion batteries used Nissan LEAF manufactured in Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC), Zama, Japan. To produce these batteries, AESC in cooperation with Nissan Motor Co. and NEC Corporation. The module consists of 4-cell battery, built in Zama seelah sent to Oppama.

Parent Plant
Hidetoshi Imazu, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing said at the launch of Nissan LEAF, "Oppama will be a 'Factory Master' for Nissan LEAF. We will use all their knowledge and learn from Oppama to ensure kualias product. "Also in Oppama, LEAF will also be assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee United, States, and Sunderland, England.

Nissan factory in Oppama production capacity of 50,000 units per year. While LEAF assembly in Smyrna that will begin production in late 2012, production capacity 150,000 units per year. In Sunderlan LEAF production began in early 2013 with production capacity of 50,000 units per year

For fuel consumption affairs, sports cars such Classified efficiency. How no, Infiniti Essence can drink a liter to reach distance 13 km. Besides efficiency, the car is claimed to be more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately there is no explanation how levels of exhaust emissions per kilometer.


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