SPESIFIKASI Toyota IQ | Mobil Versi Listrik

SPESIFIKASI Toyota IQ | Mobil Versi Listrik

Although not yet complete after the recall issue, Toyota continued to run the program, especially for a green vehicle that had a great reputation as a world market leader at that time.

To establish the position, the largest automobile manufacturer in the world that have set up three models of environmental friendly cars. In 2012, all vehicles are already on the dealers.

According to sources from within, from these models, one of whom is an electric vehicle plug-ins from the version of the Prius hybrid, while the other two other variants of the Prius.

Although not presented the details, from the rumored Alpha Prius two versions of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), which is more popular for families.

The other is called BEV. leak, his platform was taken from the Toyota Scion IQ or IQ. Toyota itself has introduced a version of the electricity at the Detroit Auto Show last year.

Although only a dimensionless length 2985 mm, width 1680 mm, height 1500 mm, the Toyota IQ is equipped with a variety of excellent features. and has a capacity of 1300 cc engines only iQ four-cylinder, but the strength up to 90 horsepower.

While technology Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVTi), it bears make fuel efficient Scion iQ, which is only 4.3 liters for 100 kilometers of distance traveled.

Three-door hatchback is also claimed to be very suitable for transportation in the city. Because, thanks to the wheelbase is only 2 meters (m) supported the suspension MacPherson struts up (in any part of the front) and torsion beam, this car is very agile invited to maneuver.

In fact, a car with a length of 2.98 meters (m), width not more than 1.6 m, 1.5 m high and it also features steering-wheel-mounted controls. As a result, not only lively but also safe. About keceoatan, Toyota calls the car can searched up to 170 kilometers per hour.

In addition to the variants offered in 1300 cc engine, this car is also offered 1,000 cc engine variants. But the features that make it up there was no difference. Only in the kitchen sector runway that distinguish these two variants.

Power the second variant it reaches 70 horsepower. Fuel consumption, to within less than 1300 cc variant, which is 4.3 to 100 km. Only, Toyota did not mention the price tag of new to model it.

For example, using halogen headlights, lock sensor on the driver and passenger door handle, which allows the driver and passengers simply touch the door handle to open and lock the door.

IQ insutrument interior panel section made asymmetrical deliberately designed to reduce the dimensions of the city car.

Affairs of any security features should not underestimate the car that sold well in Japan and the UK. Because IQ has been armed with 9 points SRS airbags are placed among others on the steering wheel, left and right side, passenger seat, and driver's knee. all order to support the level of European and Japanese safety standards.

There are three variants of Toyota's IQ, the 1,000 cc petrol engine, 1300 cc petrol, diesel and 1,400 cc. But that is displayed in IIMS 2009 had 1,000 cc petrol engine.

Manufacturing is only mentioned, in addition marketed in the U.S., the Scion iQ is also marketed in Europe and Japan from late 2010.

Akio Toyoda, Toyota's chief executive has reportedly confirmed that the new car is already undergoing testing. The battery packs from Tesla allegedly supplied (although Toyota is currently working with Panasonic).


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